Frequently Asked Questions

What is the North Texas Advocacy Coalition?

The North Texas Advocacy Coalition (NTxAC) is an initiative of the North Texas Commission that convenes North Texas stakeholders to strengthen and amplify the voice of business in the Texas Legislature.

Who is part of the NTxAC?

Our members include North Texas Commission members who have opted in to participate - businesses, higher education institutions, municipalities, chambers of commerce and affiliate associations. A full list can be found here.

Who can join the NTxAC?

Participation in the Coalition is open to members of the North Texas Commission which consists of businesses, higher education institutions, municipalities and Chambers of Commerce in the 13 county North Texas region.

If I’m a member of the North Texas Commission am I automatically part of the NTxAC?

Because this is an advocacy initiative, joining the NTxAC is an opt-in choice. You may opt-in/join here. Additionally, some organizations may want to participate in the Coalition, but not wish to be publicly identified. That is perfectly fine, and can be indicated upon opt-in.

Can I sign up for my entire organization if I personally have had no previous contact with the North Texas Commission?

The opt-in process for organizations wishing to participate in the NTxAC should be completed by individuals who are aware of the guidelines and policies of their organization with regards to advocacy initiatives, in addition but not limited to the public identification of that organization as part of the Coalition. With that in mind, opt-in should be completed by an individual who is familiar with the North Texas Commission and their interactions with that particular organization. 

Is there a cost to join the NTxAC?

Because the Coalition is a program of the North Texas Commission and open to NTC members, there is no additional fee to be involved in the efforts of the coalition.

Is the NTxAC a separate entity from the North Texas Commission?

No, the NTxAC is a program of the North Texas Commission in the same sense that Leadership North Texas is a program of the North Texas Commission.

What issues does the NTxAC support?

The NTxAC supports business-friendly policies which are a reflection of the North Texas Commission’s 2017 Legislative Agenda. There are several task forces meeting to develop the 2019 Legislative Agenda, which you can join by clicking here.

Does the NTxAC endorse candidates?

No, the NTxAC does not endorse candidates. It is focused on increasing voter participation and promotes business-friendly policies impacting the stakeholders of North Texas.

Is the NTxAC a PAC?

No, it is a non-partisan initiative and does not endorse or promote particular candidates.

What are some of the activities of the NTxAC?

Initially the NTxAC will focus on encouraging voters to participate in the March 2018 primaries by providing messaging about voting to our members to share with their employees.

After the March primaries, the focus will shift to building our 2019 Legislative Agenda, communicating those issues with our North Texas delegation and facilitating a series of discussions and advocacy events and encouraging voter participation in the runoffs and November elections.

What happens if NTxAC members disagree about an issue being considered?

Normally, decisions about what issues are to be addressed and position taken are reached through consensus. Ultimately, final decision (including a decision to not take a position) are made by the North Texas Commission Board of Directors.

Are partisan elected officials members of the NTxAC?

No. The NTxAC is open to members of the North Texas Commission and affiliate organizations.  Which include cities and counties and chambers of commerce.