Important Dates:

Local Election - May 5

Run-off Election - May 22

With run-off early voting from May 14-18.

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Run-off Races

Can you vote in a run-off? Click here to learn what’s on your local ballot, or read below for run-off FAQ's.


Run-off FAQ

When is the voting period for the run-offs?

Early voting for the primary run-offs is May 14-18, and Election Day is May 22.


Can I vote in the run-offs if I didn’t vote in the primaries?

If you are registered to vote, you may vote in the run-off for the party to which you’ve affiliated by participating in the party’s convention. If you haven’t participated in a convention, you may vote for whichever party you choose.


Can I vote for a different party in the run-off?

No, you must vote for the same party in which you voted during the March primaries.


What is the deadline to register to vote for the run-off elections?

The last day to register to vote is April 23. 


Can I vote for both my local election and run-off election at the same time?

No, unfortunately the timing of the two elections do not coincide. The early voting period for the local election is April 23-May 1, and the election day is May 5. And, early voting for the run-off election is May 14-18 and the run-off election day is May 22. 


How do I know if I should vote in the run-off, or have a local race?

You can find out if you should vote in the run-off or for a local candidate by visiting Ballotpedia here. 


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