In the Rideshare Age, DFW residents will be able to leave their cars in their garage, and arrive in Houston ready to do business, enjoy seeing relatives and loved ones or attend the big game. And, save time getting there. A comprehensive ridership study showed local residents would save at least an hour between North Texas to Houston.

The project to bring the first high-speed train to Texas (and America) will double the market size for every North Texas business. 

And, there’s the safety and reliability offered by the High-Speed Rail that no highway or automobile could promise

Please tell Members of the House Transportation Committee and High-Speed Rail Subcommittee to support high-speed rail projects in Texas and oppose all 12 bills being heard in the High-Speed Rail Subcommittee on Tuesday, April 16th. These bills (listed below) won’t just kill High-Speed Rail, it will impede the innovative spirit that makes Texas unique.  

HB 709, HB 1055, HB 1234, HB 1235, HB 1242, HB 1368, HB 136, HB 1986, HB 1988, HB 1989, HB 2605, HB 2716